Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging has evolved into one of the most valuable diagnostic tools to be used for predictive maintenance, whether it be detecting a hot spot on an electrical installation or perhaps surveying a building for a heat loss. Unintrusive, this technique is used to detect anomalies often invisible to the naked eye.


Some of the Infrared Technology applications are in:

  • Electrical Distribution
  • Building Diagnostic
  • Process Control/Quality Assurance

79289374Most electrical equipment generates heat during normal operations. Usually, this heat is safely dissipated on its own. But corrosion, loose connections, misalignment or overload conditions can cause components to generate excessive heat, resulting in potentially serious problems.

A Thermographic survey is a reliable and non-intrusive method of visualising the temperature distribution on object surfaces. This has revolutionised the predictive maintenance programs of industries worldwide. Utilities, industrial, manufacturers and many other organisations have realised the significant savings that early detection of hot spots in their high voltage system can provide. The proven ability to find heating anomalies before they evolve to a costly failure, has amounted to huge savings across all sectors of the high voltage industry.

Our staff are electrically qualified and power system authorised to be able to access switchboards and switchyards, observing correct limits of approach, to perform inspections without compromising safety. If appropriate, we are able to rectify low voltage faults on the spot saving costly revisits. We are also able to rectify high voltage faults during an outage.


Infrared (IR) inspections will:

  • Detects trouble spots while equipment is energised
  • Improves power system reliability
  • Eliminates unplanned downtime by detecting problems prior to an unplanned outage
  • Reduces emergency repairs and maintenance costs and extends the life of the equipment
  • Enersols IR inspections are performed while your system is energised and operating, avoiding production downtime. And unlike many other predictive maintenance tests, infrared inspection does not require physical contact with the equipment.
  • As a critical part of a complete predictive or condition-based maintenance program, infrared inspection findings are carefully documented in a comprehensive electronic and/or paper report that includes:
  • High-resolution colour digitised photographs
  • Recommendations for correction or repair
  • Timely delivery of results prior to scheduled maintenance shutdown
  • Recommended by most insurance companies, annual infrared inspections can identify potential problems before an incident or failure occurs, avoiding costly unscheduled downtime and business interruption
  • When included as part of a planned maintenance program from Enersol, it allows you to identify and deal with emerging problems early enough for maintenance to be performed, reducing emergency repair and maintenance costs, improving overall system reliability and extending the life of your equipment.


Features & Benefits

As part of a planned maintenance program, infrared inspections:

  • Enables planned maintenance rather than emergency repairs
  • Conducted while equipment is energised and operating, avoiding disruption of operations
  • Eliminates potentially catastrophic losses due to equipment failures from electrical fires or other serious results when problems are not found with traditional maintenance methods
  • Extends equipment life cycle through early diagnosis and subsequent repair
  • Promotes safety in the workplace since personnel are not exposed to faulty equipment
  • Reduces equipment failures, protecting your capital equipment investment Infrared Testing is a vital component of a complete service program



Components routinely tested by infrared inspection include:

  • Transformers
  • Capacitor Banks
  • Switches
  • Fuses
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Busbars
  • Motors


Equipment that should be inspected:

  • UPS Batteries
  • Cooling
  • Generation
  • Switchgear
  • Power Conditioning
  • DC Power


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