Transformer Oil Tests

There are many reasons to do oil sampling and analysis as a core part of a preventative maintenance program and also during commissioning.

As part of routine testing regular oil testing enables comparative analysis over time. Test frequency depends on factors such as the nature of the equipment (critical or non-critical), manufacturer’ specifications, insurance requirements, the age of the equipment and loading. Where there is a deviation from previous results it is common to increase sampling frequency to more closely monitor equipment condition.

During fault analysis an oil sample and analysis can provide valuable information about the cause and severity of the fault. The results can be very helpful when compared to baseline data and may also point to problem areas requiring further offline electrical testing to comprehensively identify the fault and rectify the problem.

Oil sampling is an important element of commissioning new equipment. Samples and analysis are undertaken at various stages throughout pre-commissioning and commissioning transformers, including prior to filling, after filling when oil has reached temperature equilibrium, after energisation and after loading. It is good practice to take samples again within a month of loading to establish a baseline and pick up any early warning signs.
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