Thermal Imaging

One of our customers required predictive maintenance (PdM) of their large grid transformer in order to detect any issues that may cause equipment failure. Their goal was to determine whether corrective action is required and, if so, to take that action before any equipment failure.

The costs associated with a failure of grid transformer were estimated to be as high as €180,000/hour.

As part of their predictive maintenance works, the Maintenance Team carried out Thermography Survey of the electrical equipment and components.  During the survey an abnormal thermal pattern in one of the 38 kV connections was detected as per image below.







This discovery was immediately brought to the facility manager’s attention, who then subsequently arranged for a shutdown of power at the next available opportunity, to further inspect and to carry out repair work.

If this connection had failed, not only was there a risk that it could cause a significant damage to the transformer, but could also have resulted in a loss of production which could have counted in hundreds of thousands of euro.

Thermal imaging is unobtrusive, efficient and straight forward when carried out by qualified and experienced Thermographer that can prevent downtime and potentially huge financial losses.

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