Substation Maintenance (HV & LV)

Over 100 national high voltage (HV) connected sites under contract and an average growth of 10 sites per annum.

Enersol are a high voltage installation and maintenance company specialising in contracts to look after customers high and Low voltage equipment whilst taking on the role of Authorised Person duties if the customer does not have anyone trained at high voltage.

Enersol’s maintenance work is conducted in accordance with the most up to date industry standards.

Enersol offer various forms of maintenance contract to suit individual companies requirements including 24 / 7 / 365 fault response.

Picture of windfarm cabling

Contracts take the form of an annual charge and a maintenance package in line with the inspection and testing regime as determined by Enersol or the client direct.

For the annual contract Enersol would:

  • Take on the role of Authorised person for that site. (If required)
  • Provide a 24 / 7 / 365 call out service.
  • Carry out a yearly inspection; this is carried out by one of our Engineers. A copy of the inspection sheet is left on site and a full detailed written report issued to the Contract Manager. This would highlight any problems associated with the equipment under contract and costings to repair.
  • A free partial discharge check would be carried out using a hand-held partial discharge tester. (MiniTEV)
  • An up to date single line HV diagram would be issued to each site for mounting in the substation. (Requirement of AP Duty).

For the maintenance charge Enersol. would:

  • Carry out HV Switchgear, LV Switchgear, Protection Device, PFC Equipment, Transformers and DC Battery charger maintenance on all equipment under contract and in line with the maintenance schedules agreed.
  • Take oil samples of each transformer and issue a sample certificate on the Routine and Dissolved gas condition. If no PCB records can be produced then this will include PCB and on main Power or critical transformers Furans testing can be completed as the norm.
  • Complete partial discharge checks by means of using a hand-held partial discharge tester (MiniTEV).
  • Enersol’s knowledge and support in the Sub Stn Measured Term Planned Preventive Maintenance field will undoubtedly extend the life expectancy of any installed Substation which for our clients ensures major savings in down time and repair costs. By carrying out PPM at regular intervals Enersol are able to detect potential problems and mitigate the higher risk of losing plant which means unforeseen losses to our clients.